Q: What does the Mobile Moto Booth Look Like?
A: We have Version 2.0 of our classic photo booth.  What does it include?  Sitting or Standing Booth, Live Photo Sharing, Facebook Sharing and More Space.  Looking online not working for you, then stop by a MotoPhotoKY and take a look.
Q: Is the Mobile Moto Booth made of Metal and Fabric?
A: Absolutely not. We custom build all of our photo booths. We start from scratch with only a drawing.  Our most popular booth,  the Classic, is made of solid wood.  This is not your average pole-framed, curtain hanging booth.
Q: Does the Mobile Moto Booth have a monitor so waiting guests can partake in the FUN?
A: Our first booth (The Classic) did not have this included as an option.  We had intended to include it in Version 2.0 but after talking to our clients, they requested we turn it off.  Want to change our mind then let us know.
Q: My event is on the third floor of a building…do you have a photo booth that will fit in a passenger elevator?
A: Our first booth (The Classic) breaks into parts so that we can transport it easily. It might take a couple of trips, but we can fit it on a passenger elevator.  Version 2.0, no problem.
Q: Is the Mobile Moto Booth easy to use?
A: The booth is very easy. Just get in and our technician will get you setup and ready to go.  Smile, have fun and when it’s over get in line again.
Q: Will there be someone at the event to maintain the Mobile Moto Booth?
A: Absolutely! A technician will accompany the booth to your event. They will constantly monitor the booth to insure it is running properly, as well as help everyone enjoy the fun.

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